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Rapid Prototyping and Low-Volume Manufacturing

We are committed to team the talents, integrate industry resources, and strive to further develop into a great enterprise of wire harness, machinery parts and equipment.
We look forward to working with you to create a better future.

Our Wire harness

automotive oem harness
Faboer offer all services,from wire production, contactng to cable assemblies to wire haness testng. Whether you need ndividual parts or a competesohution Faboer is your most competent and reliable partner when it comes to cables. Thanks to our nterdiscplinary know-how and ou long years of experience, we are the right people to contact for your indinidhualrequrements.
From co-engineering for system sohtions to new and further development ofproject studies, right up to prototype or serial production, we look forward to meeting your challenge!

Our CNC machining

Whether you need to mamufacture custom parts with complex shapes or want to obta the fimal product m the shortest possitble time, Faboer camn help youachieve it quickly.
We have more than 100 sets of three axis, four axis, and five axis CNC machimne tools, and provide over 100 different materials andurface treatments.
Not only can we ensure the production of disposable hand boards. but also the fast delivery time and exeellent quallty of mas:production can be guaranteed.
4 cnc milling

Our Rubber Hose

5Rubber Hose parts

Iechnical leading position of silicone hosesin auto and hydrogen fuelcel system applicDur profesional techmical engimeers continuously develop new products to meet the hieh regurements of customers and the market. We have a larenumber of hardworking techmical employees, combined with striet management systems and scientific inspection methods, to ensure the excellentperformance of each rubber hose. and the product quality has always been among the forefront of our peers
Production capacity:Silicone hose 1.2Mio setsRubber hose 2Mio setsSilicone 50t

Our equipment, fixture and others

Faboer is mamnly commited to the development of automation equipment, precision instruments, and mulifunctional clamping fxtures, focusimng on thedevelooment and production of automated testmg equrment for unctona testers. sem-automatic and automatic auxtary producton fahures and txturesAdvantages of customizing fixtures.Compact structure.saving space2. Integrated base design for easy installation and transportation3. The external surface of the equipment adopts electrostatic coating technology, with a beautiful appearance4.Hich processing efficiency5. Process various materials such as carbon steel, high-strength alloy steel, stainless steel, etcElectronic componentsRelying on large-scale procurement network platforms to search for urgently needed electronic components globall

Cleaning machine
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