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Custom Medical Cable & Medical Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturers

Ubiquitous medical care will be the main trend in the future. Modern medical care is not only to treat illnesses but also to prolong the human lifespan and increase the popularity of silver-haired care. The market has entered the era of smart medical care, with the
advancement of medical technology, the act of medical care has also added more electronic services. Medical electronic products are not only visible in hospital operating rooms but also cover household medical electronic equipment. Tai-Chings medical and healthcare wires mainly use “diagnostic imaging harnesses” and “patients ” “Monitoring wiring harnesses, the non-invasive auxiliary electronic medical products include: ECG equipment wiring harnesses, respiratory therapy oral wiring, endoscope system image output line, blood oxygen concentration detection line, mobile prosthetic auxiliary control line, physical therapy wiring harness, medical bed electronic wire….etc.

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