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Faboer is a leading manufacturer and exporter company in field of customized products, we are a company that excels at filling its client’s customized orders according to their supplied requirements, especially Wire harness, Plastic, Rubber, Metal parts and Equipment & Fixture for more than 5 years. It is our mission to provide professional service to customer in terms of problem solving, effective & efficient communication & quality control. Meanwhile, we guarantee reasonable price to our customers.

Our experienced team of Engineers and efficient Sales team provide quick feedback to all production project queries for global customers.

Our QC team carries a high standard of quality control, and Shipping department supports delivery on time.

Faboer currently owns 3 manufacturing bases and holds 4 processing plants, the business scope includes: Wire Harness Service, CNC Machining Service, Rapid Prototyping, Rubber Hose Service, etc. In total there are more than 100 experienced workers in our product department.

If you are interested in any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to cooperate with you.

How do we work

Faboertech found that the ability to quickly and accurately feedback information is very important during many years of operation. Many customers have to wait for a long time after sending an inquiry message. The final result is to wait for a higher than reasonable price, or It is a waste to reply with defective production. For some small manufacturers, the comprehensive quality of the engineering team is the key to whether they can quickly give customers a satisfactory quotation and production plan.

Moreover, the lack of production resources will result in a one-stop manufacturing of many products with complex requirements, high precision, and special industries. The quality can not be guaranteed, and there will often be delays in delivery, delayed delivery, refunds and other undesirable phenomena. For the manufacturer, a lot of time and labor have been paid, and the customer’s unsatisfactory response has been fed back. Finally, no order has been formed, resulting in waste of work.

Faboertech’s efficient project service team is generally divided into professional customers and non-professional customers in response to customer inquiries. There will be great differences in the understanding of the production process of the product, which requires suppliers to provide more customer-friendly services.

Compared to using software quotations, Faboertech always uses manual review of orders. Although there will be differences in the speed of feedback, it is responsible for quotation information and production plans. Ordinary typical products will reply within two hours. The manual review of the quotation file can be accurate at one time and can be customized in more detailed production solutions to solve the real needs of customers.

The value of Faboertech is to provide global buyers with a one-stop on-demand production service and technical support. Although manual auditing and enquiries are labor-intensive and slightly inefficient, if we do well enough to improve feedback efficiency and accuracy Then we can better realize our corporate value.

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